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The 2024 Black Girl Affirmations List & Journal was designed and intended to provide a powerful tool for personal growth, self-love, and resilience. We understand the significance of tailored affirmations that resonate with the unique experiences and strengths of Black women. By offering affirmations rooted in empowerment, resilience, and the celebration of individuality, we aim to contribute to a positive and transformative journey for every reader.




-1 PDF File to the 2024 Black Girl Affirmations List & Journal (14 pages total; Printable)

-100 total affirmations that can be used daily

-1 Weekly affirmations guide

-3 Journal pages

-3 Note pages

-1 Thank You page

2024 Black Girl Affirmations List & Journal

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    PAYMENT: All payments are due in FULL before any work is begun &/or completed, as well as before any drafts will be submitted for review.

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